Marriage Counselor Services You Can Trust

Marriage counselor services you can trust


Marriage and couple’s counseling in Overland Park, KS can transform your relationship into a healthy, long-term commitment. Seeking therapy may be the next step you take to create the relationship you want and deserve.

Marriage Counseling is for Every Couple

There is not a relationship on this planet that could not benefit from marriage and couple’s counseling. Whether you are on the verge of ending your relationship or just aren’t communicating the way you used to, at Armstrong Family Counseling, we help couples create strategies and learn communication techniques that strengthen their relationships.

Professional, Spiritual, and Faith-Based Services

Faith and spirituality are an essential part of many relationships. Our faith-based counselors help you:


  • Share feelings, thoughts, frustrations with each other and the counselor


  • Resolve conflict and improve communication skills


  • Gain insight and understanding of one another in a faith-based context


  • Transfer what you learn into your home environment through assignments

Pre-Marriage and Premarital Counseling Center for Unmarried Couples

Happy Couples at Armstrong Family Counseling

Many couples face challenges that can and should be addressed before they say, “I do.” Even if you feel like your relationship is solid, every couple can benefit from premarital counseling that teaches you effective communication strategies that can be used throughout your relationship. Our therapists can help you mitigate the most common problems couples face including:


  • Financial decision making and planning


  • Unresolved past trauma


  • Sexual challenges and dysfunctions

A Qualified Tricare Family Therapist

As a service member, you know what it means to serve our country. Yet service member relationships encounter challenges other marriages do not face. From deployment to reintegration, maintaining relationships in combat zones to unresolved PTSD, these relationships are the most vulnerable to trauma. That is why we are a qualified Tricare family therapist center, offering specialized marriage counseling services to military couples. We offer counseling that addresses:


  • Difficulties with effective communication

  • Anger management


  • Infidelity or trust issues


  • Substance abuse or addiction


  • Post-deployment reintegration
A qualified tricare family therapist

At Armstrong Family Counseling, we believe everyone should have access to the therapy they need. If you live in Kansas, we do accept Kansas Medicaid. (Unfortunately, we cannot accept Missouri Medicaid.)


The Best, Local Marital Psychologist Based on Reviews

Marriage counseling can inject the strength back into your marriage. That is why our counselors believe in making the most of each session to provide maximum benefit from the time you spend with our marital psychologists. Our reviews speak for themselves.


In the last several years, Armstrong Family Counseling has helped countless married couples in the Kansas City area create long and lasting bonds through improved communication, conflict resolution, and healing from past trauma.

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