Are you looking for professional marriage counseling services in the Kansas City area?


When two people commit to being in a relationship for the long-term, sometimes the road becomes difficult, and work must go into that relationship to keep it thriving. Seeking therapy may be the step you take as a couple to help you create the type of marriage that you both want and deserve.


In the last five years, Armstrong Family Counseling has helped countless married couples in the Kansas City area to strengthen the love they have, creating long and lasting bonds.


At Armstrong Family Counseling, we work with:

  • Couples planning to get married
  • Married couples in crisis
  • Couples that have problems due to extenuating life circumstances
  • Married couples who simply want to connect and grow together
  • Military families


As your relationship evolves, having a professional to help you through life’s transitions can make all of the difference in growing while staying connected. Counseling can help couples overcome hurdles while respecting both parties’ individuality, wants, and needs.


Issues Commonly Addressed During Marriage Counseling

Every couple is different, and their problems and conflicts can be incredibly diverse. At Armstrong Family Counseling, we can help couples build strategies and techniques for conflict resolution.  These could not only help your marriage, but they can be useful in many different life settings.  Some common issues addressed during marriage counseling include:


  • Difficulties with effective communication
  • Difficulty making financial decisions and plans
  • Challenges as parents
  • Anger management
  • Infidelity or trust issues
  • Substance abuse or addiction
  • Sexual challenges and dysfunctions


Learn More About Our Marriage Counseling Services

marriage counseling kansas cityWhen you go to marriage counseling for the first time, it can be a little scary when you do not know what to expect. A counseling session can involve specific components, such as:

  • Sharing feelings, thoughts, frustrations with each other and the counselor
  • Conflict resolution and communication skills are provided by the counselor to help encourage good interaction
  • Therapeutic processes may be used to help both of you gain insight and understanding
  • Assignments may be given to work on at home


Coming to the decision that you need to seek counseling can be tough, but it really shouldn’t be. Many married couples look at counseling as that final attempt to make things good before the relationship falls apart. However, the negative connotations associated with such a positive service are simply inaccurate, and marriage counseling can be helpful at any point in a relationship.


Marriage counseling can inject the strength back into your marriage through intensive couples therapy and relationship guidance. Your counselor will guide sessions to give the two of you maximum benefit from each meeting.


Do you need emergency counseling services?


For couples in crisis, we do offer emergency services. Call us at 913-204-0582, or visit our Contact Us page to book an appointment.


Marriage Counseling FAQ:


Do you offer marriage counseling to military members?

While we do not work directly with the VA, we do accept many forms of Tri-Care insurance.  We welcome you to call us to ask about any insurance coverage questions before you book an appointment.


Do you accept Medicaid insurance?

If you live in Kansas, we do accept Kansas City Medicaid.  Unfortunately, we cannot accept Kansas City Medicaid for residents of Missouri.


Do you offer pre-marriage counseling services?


Yes, we offer pre-marriage counseling services.


Book an Appointment for Marriage Counseling Today

If you would like to get professional help with the issues you have in your marriage, reach out to us at Armstrong Family Counseling to schedule an appointment.  Simply give us a call at 913-204-0582 or click the button below to make an appointment.


Driving Directions from Downtown Kansas City

Our office is located in Overland Park. Coming from downtown Kansas City, KS, take I-35 South, use the left lane to take the exit 231B for Metcalf Avenue, continue about 7 1/2 miles to 107th street and turn right, our office will be on the right just after the Phillip’s 66 gas station.  You can turn right into our parking lot just after the gas station, or you can turn right onto Floyd Street, and our parking lot will be the first right.