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The team of therapists Kansas City turns to for high-quality, cutting-edge mental health care that improves the lives of clients and their loved ones.

Recognizing you or a loved one needs help to achieve better mental health is the first step, but finding a therapist that offers the latest in mental health services can be a challenge.

Fortunately, Armstrong Family Counseling‘s team of exceptional providers believes in continuous improvement as we seek new treatments to help our clients achieve better mental health. We customize our treatment approach to each individual client, offering a variety of therapy approaches that improve their quality of life and by extension that of their friends and family members. Our providers specialize in:

  • Individual and Family Counseling

  • Couples and Premarital Counseling

  • Depression & Anxiety

  • ADHD

  • Trauma

  • Play Therapy

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Counseling Services

At Armstrong Family Counseling, we believe mental healthcare is unique to each individual. This belief is why we offer an individualized and collaborative, team approach. Our providers specialize in different types of counseling and work together to give you an exceptional experience.

Marriage Counseling

Our therapists can show you how to create an environment of happiness and support with your partner.

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Premarital Counseling

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, especially when it comes to marriage.

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Family Counseling

Helping families learn how to communicate more effectively is one of our greatest joys.

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Play Therapy

Express emotions, enhance social skills, and learn new behaviors through a child’s natural language, play.

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Divorce Counseling

Our therapist team in Kansas City has worked with hundreds of couples to improve communication throughout a divorce.

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Individual Therapy

Let us help you learn how to manage depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD, and other conditions so you can live the life you were meant to live.

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Neurofeedback is a non-invasive way to use biofeedback cues that your body gives, to determine underlying causes of symptoms being experienced

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Anger Management

Learning how to feel and express anger in healthy ways will not only help your personal life but also your professional life.

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About Us

Armstrong Family Counseling is more than a clinic, it is a community working toward a common goal.

Matt Armstrong, LCMFT & founder of Armstrong Family Counseling had a bold vision when he began the practice. It was not enough to be one therapist in Kansas City. He wanted to create a community of highly-skilled specialists who worked together to offer cutting edge mental health treatments to individuals, couples, and families. Today, the team at Armstrong Family Counseling uses a variety of methods to fulfill Matt’s dream of healing the world, one family at a time.

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Successful stories

Kate and Adam:

After his second combat tour, Kate and Adam were struggling with how to re-integrate Adam back into their lives. With three young children, it seemed as though they were at a crossroads – divorce or try to save the family they had worked so hard to build. Six months after coming to Armstrong Family Counseling, the family was equipped with tools that would help them better communicate and connect.

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why choose us

We don’t just talk about better mental health. We use every tool in our arsenal to help you overcome your unique challenges.

Our multi-disciplinary team specializes in different facets of mental health treatment. What does that mean for you?

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Flexible Payment Options

We offer flexible payment options and accept Kansas Medicaid. (Out of network benefits vary. Call us to see if we can accept your insurance). 

Multi-Disciplinary Approach

Our certified providers are specialists in their field and frequently work together for best results.

Cutting-Edge Therapies

Our team of providers offer the latest in new therapies including neurofeedback, play therapy, bilateral stimulation, and brainspotting, among others.

Commitment to Healing

Our therapists’ goal is not temporary relief of symptoms, but instead permanent healing of the family or individual, leading to a more fulfilling life.

Latest News

Before You Medicate: Considerations Before Starting Your Child on ADHD Medication Part 1

Before you invest the time, energy, and money into your child?s treatment, it?s crucial that you insist your clinician take the time to ensure an accurate diagnosis.

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For those people who struggle to get a good night?s sleep, have you considered that you might be your own worst enemy? There are some definite ?dos? and ?don?ts? to observe, which include important measures that have a direct effect on your ability to sleep and maintain good mental health. Consistent, restorative sleep is closely

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Dr. Weil?s 4-7-8 Relaxing Breath

...the breathing I am talking about in this blog is deliberate and intentional, to produce physiological calmness, emotional well-being, and mental clarity.

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