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Healing the body, mind, and soul for a happier life.

Armstrong Family Counseling was founded with one mission in mind – to raise the bar for mental health care through the use of cutting edge therapies through an integrated team approach. This is why we recruit highly skilled therapists who continually seek new treatments that help our clients to make meaningful progress. We believe better mental health holds the key to a happier life. To achieve better mental health, treatment should be individualized. This is why we use a variety of professionals with different specialties and treatment approaches. We are able to match each client with their ideal therapist, treatment approach, and schedule.

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Healing the Body, Mind, and Soul for a Happier Life
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Matt Armstrong, LCMFT and founder of Armstrong Family Counseling, had a singular vision – to help people live happier lives by healing the body, mind, and soul. Throughout his career, he has helped hundreds of families recover from trauma, heal their relationships, and live happier lives.

Matt’s vision has attracted a team of highly-skilled, specialized therapists with an unparalleled commitment to serving their clients. Armed with the latest technology and an in-depth understanding of cutting edge therapies, Armstrong Family Counseling is made up of the best counselors in Kansas city.

Matt’s team continues to work with individuals and families, helping them to heal their lives and relationships.

Our Team

Every clinician at Armstrong Family Counseling specializes in a particular mental health field. From ADHD to play therapy, individuals to groups, you are sure to find a practitioner and therapy type that fits your needs.

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Melissa Batye - Operations Coordinator
Melissa Batye

Operations Coordinator

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Matt Armstrong

Owner, Clinical Director, M.A., LCMFT

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Kirk Weaver


Chris Kuhn


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What our customer’s say

We believe Armstrong Family Counseling offers mental health care that is second to none. But you don’t have to take our word for it.

Based on 77 reviews
Candace Romero
Candace Romero
We went to see Samantha for couples counseling twice now. At first of course it was a little nerve racking since neither I nor my spouse had done this before. However Samantha made us feel relaxed and at ease. It was surprisingly easy to open up about our problems and the things we wanted to accomplish as a couple. I would definitely recommend going if you have thought about it. I am so glad we did it and feel more connected to my partner and that we have a better communicate between us.
Gabriel Tank
Gabriel Tank
I've been working with Chris Kuhn for a few months and it's been a life changing experience. Chris is my third counselor after I didn't connect with my previous two. In the first session we discussed what I was looking for to make sure we were a good fit. Chris gets to know you on a personal level and makes the discussions relatable. I wanted someone that would challenge me - not just listen with no input. Chris helps you grow your comfort zone, gives you tools to use outside of your counseling sessions and really helps you work on becoming the best version of yourself.
Monique Crawford
Monique Crawford
Helped me and my wife get our marriage together. Very wise and helpful man.
Laura Castro
Laura Castro
Gabe has a passion for strengthening communication in marriage. He is straight forward, honest and is dedicated to learning new tools for his skill set to help others!
Marisa Myers
Marisa Myers
,We were on the brink of divorce. We had been married for 5 years and our relationship was crumbling. We were constantly fighting and we just couldn't seem to get along anymore. We decided to go see a counselor in order to try and salvage our marriage. At first, it was really tough. We were both so angry and resentful towards each other. But with the help of our counselor at Armstrong Family Counseling, we slowly started to open up and share our feelings with each other. We began to understand what was causing all of our fights, and we started to work on fixing those issues.
Jennifer Taylor
Jennifer Taylor
Khris Leach was great, very helpful. Highly recommend him.
Eddie E
Eddie E
I worked with Khris during some difficult times with overwhelming stress and anxiety with work and in my personal life. I work in Healthcare and Khris was able to relate to my stories with stories of his own, but not in a way that overshadowed mine, but made me feel validated that other people experience it too. Khris was always warm and welcoming and easy to talk to. Though beware, he is a Baltimore Raven's fan. 😆
Chrissy Furey
Chrissy Furey
After almost a year of searching for a therapist who “gets it”, one we felt we could connect to, we found Kris L. He is so easy to talk to. He offers practical advice, gives you no b.s. straight talk when you need it, but most importantly asks those intentional thought and analysis provoking questions that make you step back and see the whole picture, not just your truth. His skills as a therapist have immensely improved the way I approach relationships and give me pause when I’m about to react in a way that isn’t conducive with my / our “goal”. He’s helped me process and move on after some pretty difficult experiences. He’s extremely relatable and I always feel heard. Give Kris a shot, you won’t be disappointed.
Morgan Hill
Morgan Hill
Khris is amazing!