Therapy & Counseling Services in Overland Park KS and Surrounding Kansas City Metro Area

Neurofeedback Provider

At Armstrong Family Counseling we offer state-of-the-art neurofeedback therapy.?

Neurofeedback heals the brain, training the brain to function and self-regulate when in the midst of overwhelming life stressors. Neurofeedback is an evidence-based treatment that addresses trauma, depression, PTSD, addiction, anxiety, ADHD and other mental disorders.Learn More

Individual Counseling

It can be hard to put our feelings into words that accurately communicate how we feel; hopeless, lonely, agitated, frustrated, empty, or anxious.

Depression, anxiety, & stress is debilitating, affecting everything from your job and relationships to your physical health. Our clinicians will help you manage your emotions and create a plan to help you move forward.Learn More

Emotional Support Animal Recommendation Letters

Everyone deserves support in dealing with stress and depression. Emotional Support Animals (ESA)–dogs and other animals–can provide therapeutic comfort for those suffering from depression, anxiety or another mental/emotional illness.

Contact us to schedule an ESA assessment with one of our therapists today!Learn More

Family Counseling

Family matters can be emotional, and sometimes it takes an outside person to help families work through the issues they’re facing. If you’re in need of family counseling, the male and female counselors at Armstrong Family Counseling want to help.Learn More

Group Counseling

We provide various groups for adults and adolescents who are at different stages of healing. Groups provide a supportive environment where members can learn and practice coping skills, find hope for change through interpersonal learning, gain a sense of belonging and acceptance, and reduce pain, shame, and/or stress.Find a group…

Marriage & Couples Counseling

Relationships are hard. And sustaining a long-term relationship or marriage takes effort, dedication, and hard work. Even the most picture-perfect marriages can start to suffer.

If you and your partner, or any other member of your family,? need help with the issues that are hurting your relationship, come to Armstrong Family Counseling for relationship counseling.Learn More

Trauma Therapy

Following a life-altering event, you may need trauma counseling if you find yourself:

  • Avoiding any potentially stressful situation
  • Avoiding people and places that remind you of the trauma
  • Panicking in social situations you cannot escape
  • Hiding your feelings of anxiety and fear
  • Withdrawing from relationships with loved ones
  • Struggling to fall asleep
  • Reliving the trauma in dreams and flashbacks
  • Suffering in your performance at work
  • Drinking or abusing drugs to mask your problems
  • Avoiding plans for the future
  • Thinking about suicide
  • Feeling like you?re facing everything alone

Learn More

Play Therapy

Play therapy provides a fun, safe environment where children learn communication skills, problem-solving, behavior modification, emotional expression, and various ways of relating to and interacting with others.

Play therapy allows children to express their thoughts and feelings at an age-appropriate level.Learn More

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