Teen Counseling

A family interested in teen therapy near Kansas City, MO

It’s hard to be a teen today. That’s why our therapists are teen specialists

It’s A Different World For Teens Today

Many of us grew up before the dawn of cells phones, tablets, and the constant barrage of social media. Our teens today deal with unnatural standards for their self worth, and they often struggle to cope with it all. Also, the mistakes they make today can be captured and spread throughout entire social circles in minutes, which creates terrifying possibilities for shame and anxiety. This is why it is so important to have therapists who understand how teens today struggle and that know how to lead them towards inner peace and happiness.

Teen suicide is a real problem, and we are here to help them through it

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, nearly 20% of high school students report serious thoughts of suicide, and 9% have made an attempt on their lives. These numbers are staggering, and too often have we seen the precious lives of teens cut tragically short because of this problem. The reality of teen suicide is that it is often preventable. At Armstrong Family Counseling, we have counselors that are ready and able to help teens and their parents deal effectively with suicidal feelings with the goal that they never become a statistic.

Teens Need To Be Met Where They Are

Our therapists understand the most crucial element to treating teens: meeting them where they are. Teens naturally resist conversations that are beyond their emotional development. As a result, many well meaning teachers, coaches, pastors and others fail to accomplish much when seeking to help teens. Meeting teens where they are allows teens to grasp what is being presented and connect with those seeking to help them. This is why all of our therapists meet teens where they are, and together, they make progress towards the teen’s life goals.

Teens Actually Want Structure

Contrary to what many parents believe, teens prefer structure and discipline, even though they usually don’t admit it. Research has shown that teens who lacked structure and discipline generally felt that their parents never cared enough to correct them. As teen therapists, we encourage healthy family structure and discipline that helps teens feel loved, respected, and supported.

We Match Teens With Their Ideal Therapist

At Armstrong Family Counseling, we believe in matching everyone with a therapist that can effectively meet their needs. To meet this standard, we hire a variety of therapists with a variety of demographic characteristics and treatment perspectives. If a client doesn’t feel that their therapists is ideal for meeting their needs, we readily work with them to find another therapist that will.