Counselor Services for Individual Therapy

individual counseling overland park

Individual counseling can help uncover past trauma, current triggers and build a foundation for healthy, happy relationships with a life you can enjoy.

Individual Counseling in Overland Park

Individual counseling makes a difference. Everyone needs an outlet where they can identify boundaries, explore who they are, what they want, communicate better, and provide strategies for coping with everyday life. An Overland Park Individual therapy session helps with clarity, acceptance, and awareness to help become an emotionally stronger YOU.

Private and Professional Therapy Services

It can be difficult uncovering what’s under the surface. Our goal is to help you share the feelings and frustrations you may be having to learn how to deal with situations you feel may be out of your control. As individuals there are challenges, we face daily, afraid to seek help.


Stress from conflicts, financial struggles, addictions, lack of communication, and other triggers can spiral into places that may be hard to overcome. We help focus on those problems to reach outcomes that contribute to happy lives. Our sessions are private and personal, respecting your boundaries and information.

Therapy you can Trust

Knowing and understanding how powerful therapy is can help you overcome situations that may be spiraling out of control. Being in a situation where you feel there is no outlet is normal, but we are here to help. Our therapists work with individuals seeking help in some of these areas of difficulty:

  • Depression

  • For eating disorders

  • Mental health

  • Drug counseling

  • Individual depression counseling

  • Anger management

  • Infidelity

Trust may be one of the challenges you face, and that’s understandable. In fact, talking to someone you don’t know about your personal life and struggles may make you feel uncomfortable. Our counselors work at your pace to remove those feelings while building trust and confidence every step of the way. We specialize in therapy for adults who are having challenges they cannot cope with tools and resources to help you through any crisis.

A man and woman engaging in therapy services, sitting in chairs and talking to each other for mental health support in Overland Park, Kansas City KS.

Family and Individual Counseling

Our counselors are qualified to work with you or the entire family to tackle past or present challenges head-on. Everyday life can feel like a burden, but we help set healthy boundaries and teach communication strategies to get everyone on the same page, paving the way to relationships that have meaning.

Marriage and Individual Counseling

If you are considering marriage or are already married, it can be challenging. Many people feel as if their relationships are in jeopardy due to past hurt or trauma, feelings of inadequacy, or being afraid of the unknown. Everyone can benefit from marriage counseling, whether individual or with your spouse. Learning how to communicate effectively to get through tough times and situations is a positive step toward a healthy marriage.

An Experienced Couples and Individual Counseling Center

Individual and family counseling can restore areas of conflict in your life and home. Our counselors make you the priority each session to provide the resources and tools you need to move forward. Our sessions are designed to provide the best use of time, helping you understand why you may be having certain feelings of helplessness, going through challenges or trauma.


We have helped countless individuals and their families in Overland Park overcome challenges they face to function as healthy, happy adults through increased awareness of self, healing from past trauma, restoration of confidence, resolution of conflicts, and improved communication.


Having access to quality therapy is key in facing and getting through challenges. We offer flexible payment options to ensure no one is suffering in silence due to therapy they cannot afford. Contact our office to discuss affordable options that meet your budget and needs.

If you are seeking individual therapy to uncover and deal with some feelings you may be having, or want to strengthen your relationships with others, give us a call or click the button below to schedule an appointment.