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We assume that both people are good at heart because it allows for each person to feel loved and valued.  No one wants to be the problem, and it does no good to anyone if one person is singled out.

Even in cases where all signs appear to point to just one person, marriage is never that simple, and many problems only appear to weigh more than others, when in reality, they don?t. There is simply no way to accurately keep score in this way, nor would it do any good for the marriage.

It is much better to assume that each person is good at heart and wants the best for the other and for the marriage.  This assumption makes people feel good, and it lays the foundation for an environment of growth.

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We get to the root of the issues

Most couples new to counseling first report their main problem being lack of communication.  This is a reasonable way to conceptualize the issues because most couples don?t understand the root of their own complaints, much less the root of their partner?s.  For this reason, it just feels like a lack of communication.

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