The dream of starting the Vineyard started in 2010 when 200 acres of land were purchased in southern Overland Park. Although the land was still being used for crop growing and livestock farmers, the idea of using the land to grow grapes and make wine started. Hosting events is another plan for the vineyard.

The plan for the first five acres was submitted to the Overland Park zoning committee by one of Kansas City’s most renowned architects, and it was approved as the first Overland Park winery.

It wouldn’t have materialized without the watering system and trellis, which was installed with the help of another local winery. Finally, 3100 grape vines in four varieties were planted in 2012.

There is now a tasting room and store in Downtown Overland Park, which is found inside the Vinyl Renaissance and Audio. You can taste distinct classes of wine, and you will love every drop. It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced and a wine lover or a newbie to wine tasting, you will surely have some fresh taste of wine to discover in Aubrey’s.

Aubrey’s offer Wine Tasting, Wine Club, also board and lodging. The Wine Tasting is a customized event that Aubrey’s offers seven days a week that starts in the afternoon.

They have a gift shop, a tasting room, and accommodate tours of the vineyards.


What to expect?

Their wine tasting room is in the middle of Vinyl Renaissance & Audio, which is found on Santa Fe Drive. It is not just a wine tasting room, but also offers live shows for people to enjoy the music and to try the wines. The tasting room is open every day, 7-days a week and you can have your fill of different types of wine since there are assortments of wine on display you can have your try for free.


Enjoying the taste of wine

Aubrey has planted 20 varieties of grapes and all being used for commercial production, averaging almost ten thousand cases a year and continuously increasing.

Their wines have been a witness to engagement proposals, job promotions, new house acquisition, marriage, graduation, to a new business partnership.

Aubrey is a fast-growing operation and is now turning to be a Kansas story of success.

Some wine assortments they have, include Chambourcin, which is a pinot drinker’s wine, and a combination of raspberry and strawberry.

Another is the Trail Rider Red that is more a mixture of lush grape and black cherry fruit, Chambourcin Rose which is another hybrid variety that is a bright red and a lively rose that is a mixture of bright strawberry fruit and a hint of grape jelly, while the Traminette is a touch sweeter with enough acidity to keep its lively flavor, a mixture of white flowers and ripe peach for a clean finish are just samples of their best tasting wine to offer.

Aubrey’s tasting room has numerous positive reviews from the wine tasting, to the atmosphere of the apparent “cute” tasting room, to the friendly staff who are highly knowledgeable about their product.

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