This is a building that is well known in Overland Park, Kansas and is a glorious reminder of the days gone by. Originally constructed by William B. Strang, Jr used to park his automobiles, carriages and to have a place to stay for his driver. The material used in fabricating this building is of rough limestone with a clay tile as a roof. The original doors are still intact as its first construction in the year 1915s.


He used to own it until his death in 1921, but his wife had it until 1930. Tom Riley, who was Strang’s partner, used it for a time until its discontinued use in 1940. It hadn’t been used for decades until, in 1970, the city got the property. It was only in the 1990s, when it was rehabilitated to serve as an office for the Overland Park Historical Society.


Even though Strang could not finish everything that he has planned for the community of Overland Park, he is still commemorated with a larger-than-life bronze sculpture that was built in 2006 to serve as a reminder of the 100th anniversary of the 1906 opening of the Strang line interurban railroad.


Home of the Overland Park Historic Society

Located in the Santa Fe Commons Park, which was originally the place of the first airfield west of the Mississippi in the 1900s. An airfield is present in the place, and an aviation school, a large hanger, a grandstand, and facilities where an airplane was built. It was also a sort of plaza where people come to watch performances during weekends.


The building holds many collections of historic photographs, local artifacts, and some documents. It is considered more of a place for anyone to research the Overland Park history, more so than a museum. Although it is a museum where people pass for a few minutes to check what is inside, check on their history, and of the fleeting record of the olden days.


Rich in History

The Strang Carriage house has been well preserved and maintained to serve as the Overland Park History Society home. The museum not only comprises elements and rich information about the early years in the Overland area, but it also covers exhibits.


The name of the museum was taken from the owner of the place itself and the same person who has visualized a well-planned community who has made some developments during his time. The person who seems to have a look into the future of how he wanted Overland Park to be what it is today.


Thanks to the work of the Overland Park History Society that the place was still intact and several preservations were made so they will maintain the history. The help of the community is likewise significant to make the upkeep possible. Continuous preservations were being made to different historical spots and surrounding areas in Overland Park, not just to the Strang Carriage House.


The donations that the community has selflessly handed over to the society will surely go a long way.

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