Conflict Resolution Through Mediation

“Mediation” is a process that brings two parties together with the purpose of resolving their conflict or dispute. The goal is to achieve a “win-win” solution using problem solving techniques without either party having to resort to litigation.

A “Mediator” is a trained, neutral facilitator who assists the parties in having a reasonably peaceful dialogue in order to remain productive. A mediator is not a decision-maker, arbitrator or judge. Mediators do not give legal advice or counsel.

The mediation process is designed to help people resolve disputes quickly and satisfactorily without the delay and anxiety of going to court.

Your mediator may have a legal background, counseling, or related degree. Although mediation is different than a counseling session, your mediator may suggest or refer either or both parties for counseling upon request.

Mediation offers a safe, non-judgmental environment for you to discuss options in order to reach an agreement or resolution. The process of mediation can preserve relationships, assure fairness, facilitate communication, and maintain a balance of power between opposing parties.

Mediation is intended to help you resolve a conflict with another person or party. The process allows you the freedom to create your own agreement, unlike in the courts where there are a “winner” or a “loser”, and little opportunity to fashion a mutually satisfactory resolution in the most difficult of circumstances.


T. Michael Henderson


Kansas State Supreme Court Approved Mediator

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