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It is not an easy task to achieve family unity.

We build strong families and each passing day, we are getting better and more experienced.

It is a common tendency in relationships to resolve issues by ignoring them.? Doing so results in the buildup of pain and irritation.? This is similar to an untreated infection in the body.

Let?s say you fall and scrape your knee, and many unsavory particles make their way deep into your tissue, and instead of cleaning it out, you simply put a bandage over it and ignore it.? Over time, infection sets in, and touch becomes sensitive.

Eventually, activities as simple as walking will become very difficult, if not impossible.? In relationships, the unresolved issues are the infection.

Any attempt to discuss those issues brings pain, and any attempt to draw closer together becomes difficult, and perhaps even impossible while the infection in the relationship remains.

In these cases, it is recommended to seek relationship counseling.? A qualified relationship counselor is skilled in healing conflict, just as a qualified physician in skilled in treating an infection.? Resolving the issues removes the barriers to unity and joy in the relationship.

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Don’t let the issues you’re facing destroy your family and the bond you share. Our dedicated team is on hand to listen. We’ll take the time to understand all sides of the story, and we’ll strive to help you and your family members communicate and understand each other better.

You deserve the love and support of a strong, cohesive family, and our goal is to help get you there. We have male and female marriage therapists that are eager to help you strengthen the relationships within your family. Contact Armstrong Family Counseling for more information about our services or to schedule a consultation.

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