This museum was founded in 2008 and was established in May 2014, a sprawling 42,000 square foot facility that opened its doors to displays from other museums. It has partnered with the American Museum of National History to enjoy access to its diverse, scientifically correct exhibits, well-known scientists around the world, and the immense educative sources. The American Museum has not collaborated with any other museums all over the world to such a degree and the Prairiefire is enjoying its collaboration with said museum up to this date.

What the MAP has to offer


It is a place that provides “Access For All”, people of all ages are welcome to see the world-class exhibitions, understand natural history and science, and provide important educational programming.


The MAP has collaborated not just with the American Museum of National History in New York, but also with other educators in well-known institutions in New York City. They are busy with hosting historical exhibitions yearly plus the regular events and programs, which include Cinema and Science, JAM Sessions, Science Happy Hour, and the Little Explorers Club for young ones.

With the availability of the museum, 7-days a week, even on Sundays, access to the fascinating facility is easy to achieve.

Experiencing The Museum at Prairiefire

With many attractions the MAP has to offer, this is just the right place to bring kids with inquisitive minds. It will keep them occupied for hours, and they will learn a lot while in a safe facility. You can spend hours or even the entire day just getting your fill of the many attractions the museum has to offer.

They can get overwhelmed just by seeing the exterior stained glass design made by using Dichroic glass that changes its color under different lighting conditions and is the same material used in making jewelry and helmets for astronauts.


Children aged 3 to 12 can go to the Discovery room where events and programming such as Science Happy Hour, Little Explorers Club, checking stunning artifacts are experienced.

Upon entering the facility, you will be fascinated once you walk with dinosaurs because of the ALIVE AR Experience that MAP creates.


You have the option to create the dinosaur you like, and you can roam with it as if you are side by side. The help of the touch screen to learn interesting facts about prehistoric creatures, see different fossil sites, and picking a fossil you like is another possibility. Inside is another display of T-Rex fossil that was founded by a Kansas Native, Barnum Brown.


The excitement doesn’t stop on the first floor, but on the second-floor kids can also enjoy wearing ancient masks from all over the world, learning about earthquakes and what causes it, and learning about Zoology.


And after enthralling hours and hours of learning and experiencing, there are an array of shops and restaurants to check out and where you and your family can have a meal after, plus the AMC Movie Theater, Bowling venue, Bistros, and even home-goods you can take a tour around.

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