The escape rooms are a new form of reality gaming where players are in a locked room and timed for 60 minutes to finish a mission to find their way out. The room theme you prefer is up to you as there are plenty to choose from starting from the Outbreak: Find a Cure, for a dreaded disease before the whole humanity succumbed to it or The Bank Heist, where you have to break the vault, get the cash and of course, you have to get away, another one is the Zombie Apocalypse, which is self-explanatory.


This game was brought to you by Mastermind Escape Game, a national entertainment company. They have the highest quality escape room concept prepared for both newbies and enthusiasts. People who love problem-solving, know teamwork, and can work under pressure are the best players who would surely enjoy this game.

How fun the game is?

The themed escape rooms are well planned and designed to challenge every player to find hidden clues, solve the puzzle, and find an escape route in 60 minutes. The game should be highly enjoyable for any age because of the time pressure and the feeling of losing, even if you have teammates to help.


There is some age restriction where a 12-year-old must be accompanied by an adult, so a family with children under 12 can still play and have fun.


Some escape room options also include Sorcerer’s Secret and Lost in Time.

The pressure is present when there are no clues found, and your time is almost up.

Escape Room outline

The Sorcerer’s secret is about the disappearance of a relative, an uncle, and you need to investigate what happened. You and your group would have to foil the evil sorcerer’s plot against your uncle. This is where you need to find clues and think about how you can overpower or use your smarts to escape his magic lair, or else you will also suffer the same fate. So, if you are more of a Harry Potter fan, this one is a pleasant choice of escape rooms. It is time to find out if you have any hidden “magic”.


Another escape room is the Outbreak: Find the Cure. The plot thickens when a CDC tour goes wrong when a deadly virus that is being experimented on was released by accident into the ventilation system, and before every one of you gets infected, you have to find a cure and a way out.


Bank Heist is more of a notorious crime syndicate where you are tasked to rob a bank by your mob boss. How can you rob a bank to get as much cash from the vault before you get caught by cops? How much money can you get without compromising your freedom and escape within an hour?


The Lost in Time escape room has an escape rate of forty-two percent with moderate difficulty. An object from the future landed in the distant past which should never happen and for the world to stay as it is, the object must be found and returned to its original time of year, all within 60 minutes.


This is the best activity for corporate events or team building, family bonding, friends bonding, any get-together, and birthday celebrations. There is a discount coupon available so you can save up, but the enjoyment is in full tilt.

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