In this museum, you can experience stepping back in time with the display of 1950s all-electric house, the Kidscape imaginative community for kids, and also the availability of community classes. The AHC holds a yearly show, being handled by their resident theater company. The area is unique with rental spaces that are fit for all occasions, celebrations, and parties of all sizes.

How it came to be

The former King Louie Entertainment Center was shuttered, and the building was deteriorating when Johnson County bought it to create a hub for arts, community, and culture.


The building may have deteriorated through time, but they considered its structures beautiful and can still stand for another century more. The building has all the structural soundness suitable for the ice rink, and to build a cultural arts center.

The construction materials used were of contemporary design where the original stone and wood structure of the building, paired with a cast-in-place concrete to strengthen the structure, insulated glass, and flat-seam metal paneling was also introduced.


Although the building’s other structure is no longer workable, the construction tried to save what is left achievable and enhances the original design of the building by emphasizing what is fascinating about the building.

The impressively renewed building

The ice skate rink space was impressively constructed to feature shaded glass and upgraded exterior. The outcome is impressive.


An addition of a multipurpose, even space plus flex theater, rehearsal studio, the outdoor courtyard is now made possible.


The museums that housed the famed All-Electric House, including the gallery space and exhibits, are all featured in the new ice skating rink. Not to mention the Arts and dance classrooms, additional office space which now occupies the old billiards room. In the middle of the building is another cultural commons that is used for pre-function space and space for community events and gatherings, which include cultural programming and exhibitions.


There are events that the Johnson County Arts and Heritage Center has in store and is an ongoing program. Art Labs for kids ages 6 to 9 are available (Art around the world), which will run until September 4, which can benefit kids to learn about the art style and design around the world.


The Music and Movement program will explore rhythm, tempo, and basic timing in dance movements. It will start on the 26th of September until November 14 and is for ages 2 to 4. So if you have kids who are already showing their talent in dancing, this is the best choice for them at the same time they get to meet other kids their age.


Dance Fit Flow is starting on the 22nd of September and is for dance enthusiasts while Acting Class is also underway on the 23rd of September.

Those who have a talent for singing need not feel left out because Johnson County Arts And Heritage Center also has something in store for you on the 24th of September, with the Let’s Sing Virtual Show Choir.


There are many programs Johnson County Arts And Heritage Center has in store for the upcoming months, and you can check out their website and their Facebook page to learn more.


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