This Trail is not only good for biking, but also for Inline Skating, Walking, and is accessible by those who are in a wheelchair.


It links two states, four communities, and many parks along Indian Creek. The path also allows connections to its surrounding areas, which makes it accessible for recreation and transportation because of its strategic location.


It is a 36.2 kilometer that is a point-to-point trail near Overland Park that also has a river and with many activity options plus year-round accessibility.

The Trail

Great trail for running, biking and walking. The trail is mostly flat, and it can be an easy ride where you can go for hours. The issue can be during the time where there are lots of people jogging and running around or biking, which can somewhat stop your simple movement. There is also some steep sections that you need to be aware of and some tight turns, especially, those tracks that approach streets, including bridges.


There is also signage, signalized crosswalks, tunnels, parks, and a creek. Noticeable is the presence of many squirrels, ducks, cranes, rabbits, and birds. You can also bring your dogs with you to enjoy the morning walk, but be sure you have them on a leash as some people are not comfortable having dogs running around without a leash.


During summer, there are police patrolling the area, so you will feel doubly safer.


Where it connects

When you use the Indian Creek Trail, you will be able to cross two states and four cities, which makes this path a popular option for runners and cyclists. It connects Overland Park, Olathe, Kansas City, and Leawood. Although not every part is smooth and you will find steep grades for short sections, it is still suitable for the casual rider because of the beautiful tracks, presence of creeks, foliage, and small areas of trees.


The best way to get to the trail is via Leawood Park since there are parking options for you to choose from, not to mention the tire pumps, and tools in case you need them at the bike station. This is also the best location to pick the trail to wherever you need to be for the day.


If you need to take a break, you can take the State Line Road to connect you to the Blue River Greenway, and you will end at Alex George Lake, where you can find a glorious spot to stop and take a breather. This spot is also an impressive start for when you need to have an easy, quiet ride. When you ride on the Kansas side, you will also enjoy tree-filled, relaxing trails, but many riders and walkers feel the same way that you do, so you have to be careful in navigating around other cyclists and trekkers.



Interpretive signs are to be placed on the trails so there will be 18 signs with archived photos, images including maps. There will also be historical narratives for the various streets that intersect with the tracks that are all well-researched and original.

The aim is to foster a sense of deeper meaning and understanding to trail users of the history of Overland Park and Johnson County.


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