Harmon Park’s name was taken from former Mayor Austin Harmon. There is a pavilion that can be used for celebration as it has 12 eight-foot tables at each end. There is also a grill for grilling and stuff during parties. Restrooms are also available except for winter months, where portable toilets are used instead. This pavilion is next to four practice tennis courts, ten normal tennis courts, playground equipment, and a pool. A disc golf course is also available here. Electricity is available in the pavilion, as requested.

Other Amenities include

Picnic Tables, Play types of equipment, Cooking Grills and Skate park, Swimming Pool Complex.

Tennis courts


The tennis courts are put to good use every time because there are lights to provide well-lit courts for the players. The courts are well-maintained with windscreens, plus rollers. You can have tennis friends to play with using the Automatic Player Matching Service. Tennis Round, on the other hand, will match you with other tennis players based on your knowledge level of playing the game.

Fun time at the park

Children will have the best time here with the different play equipment that can be used starting from the merry-go-round, which is a hit with children decades ago, and here you can still have your children enjoy it for hours. Slides can keep the children going non-stop. The jungle gym, swings, the sandbox is just samples of play equipment where kids can have an exciting day.

The area is also spacious and can accommodate lots of running and playing.


If your family is keen on having picnics at the park, this place is also ideal since there are picnic areas you can use. There is also no issue with finding a public toilet when you and your kids need to go, as you can find one here that is kept clean at all times.

A bit of history

This 4-acre city park is located southwest of Westport, Missouri, and one of the few confirmed places in Johnson Country where the trail’s evidence can still be seen up to this day. Swales or rounded depressions are all visible diagonally across the park, which was brought about by thousands of cattle, wagons, and oxen sharply borrowing their ruts on the ground. Since wagon paths shifted through the years and because of some weathering changes, the rounded depressions changed to sloping indentations that were seen on the ground today.

With the local government, federal, and private citizen’s cooperation and partnership, they created the park in the early 1990s, to further preserve the evidence to be enjoyed by succeeding generations.

Park Developments

Skate park’s rebuilding is in the planning stage, where a performance pad area is said to be included. Although this bit is still under talks because of the funding that may take about eighty thousand to a hundred and twenty thousand dollars for the inclusion of a performance pad.

Talks about the skate park were being made about the design to construct an outstanding skate park that will include a performance pad area just like what the present skate park has. 

The area will be multipurpose and will surely have a place for future programs and festivals.

Originally, the construction was supposed to take place in the spring of 2020 but instead moved in March of next year. Bidding is still underway to make sure that every part of the park will be up on time and that the lowest bidder is chosen.

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