A park-like community in the heart of Overland Park, Downtown Overland Park.

The place is on the historic Trail of Santa Fe where originally the horse-drawn traffic was just a regular occurrence. The streets filled with gravel, restaurants everywhere, booming dance hall, the dry goods store, an aviation park, even the famous steam-electric Interurban Railroad Line plus other popular amenities are enjoyed by many people daily.

Changes in the community can be recognized because of the arrival of the founder William B. Strang Jr., who paved the way to building a park-like community that would be well-planned and self-sustaining with strong commercialism, vibrant neighborhoods, quality education, convenient transportation for everyone, and recreational facilities that is usable by the community. Strang then named one subdivision as Overland Park that we know today.


Downtown at Present

Thankfully, the works of city officials in their renovation efforts during the 1900s have made dramatic changes in the community, the officials dedicated the Clock Tower Plaza, and the construction of the Farmer’s Market Pavilion took place.

After over a century, the present Downtown area now bustling with booming business from nearly 300 locally owned businesses that keep the local economy healthy. This is a perfect area for finding great food and exploring the arts. Community efforts and outreach formed a strong locality that is not just focused on profit. 

Why the partnership exists?

The existence of partnership ensures the strength and vitality of the Historic Downtown Overland Park Business development and improvement with the help of special events, business service, media relations, beautification, and cooperative marketing. It is a liaison between the City of Overland Park, the Overland Park Chamber of Commerce, businesses, and the entire community.

Events and Developments

You can check out the Bop Shop when you are in Downtown Overland Park. You can shop, eat, and then listen to the local pub for your favorite songs and performers. There are also incoming events in September, promos of your favorite restaurants and retailers, to the art-house, maybe try some drawing lessons, then the upcoming dog’s day at the Downtown, and so much more. There are events every month where almost the entire community takes part in or show interest and support.


Downtown Overland Park also has its own Mobile App, where they can download it for iOS and Android for free. The app is a free tool to keep the community up to date with the best place to shop, live, work, play in the whole of Overland Park.


Developments in the community are non-stop with the Market Lofts, an Apartment building that is a mixture of one and two-bedroom apartments that includes retail space plus an underground garage.


Another ongoing construction is Avenue 81, which is a mixed-use development that is on Metcalf Avenue. A first class-A, high-density, mixed-use Senior Living project that is the first class in architecture and high-tech amenities.


Downtown Overland Park continues to move forward with the vision of propagating more livelihood, advancement in housing, high-tech development, and a strong progressive community.

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